Aadhar Number mandatory to get a Degree

In a communication to varsities, UGC Secretary, J S Sandhu has directed universities to include photographs and Aadhaar numbers in the certificates of students.

In a bid to make the admission procedure transparent and avoid fraud applicants from applying, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has made it mandatory for students to include Aadhaar numbers in their degree and certificates.

In addition to this, the UGC has also directed universities to include the students’ photos.

Meanwhile, a report suggests that UGC has made this change following the Finance Bill which was recently passed in Lok Sabha.

Moreover, the government has made Aadhaar number mandatory for filing taxes.

More on the report:

  • This notice from UGC comes in addition to the security features included in the degrees presented to students
  • Further, in a communication to varsities, UGC Secretary J S Sandhu directed universities to include mechanisms like the students’ photographs and unique ID or Aadhar numbers in the certificates of students

Benefits of adding Aadhaar number:

  • This would help in introducing uniformity and transparency within and across the system of higher education in the country
  • Marksheets and certificates with security features would help in verification and prevent duplication

Here’s what universities need to do:

“You are also requested to inscribe the name of the institution in which a student is enrolled as well as the mode of delivery (regular, part-time or distance,” Sandhu added in recent PTI report.

The standards applied for accreditation will be qualitative and can be adapted and applied to any of the types of educational institutions affiliated. The awarding of accreditation will signify that the school has met standards at an acceptable.level and is willing to both maintain those standards and to improve in areas pointed out to them.

Date: Mar 23, 2017

Source: IndiaToday