Annual BalloonSat Competition 2013-14, Antariksha Labs, Bangalore,

Event: Annual BalloonSat Competition 2013-14 | Technical Competition balloons

Annual BalloonSat Competition 2013-14 is a Technical Competition Organised by: Antariksha LabsBangaloreKarnataka

Annual BalloonSat Competition 2013-14 dates:
Fest dates: 31st July 2014
Last Dates for Registration: Qualifying Abstract Submission – December 1st, 2013
Preliminary Design Review – February 2nd, 2014
Critical Design Review – May 4th, 2014
Tests: 1 week before Launch dates
Launch & Post Flight Review – June-July 2014

BalloonSats are a relatively easy way to get experiments off the ground and into our upper atmosphere i.e. near space. With BalloonSats, we can learn about space physics and engineering, test equipment for future space flight, conduct interesting experiments, take pictures and video from up to 30480 meter in the air (more than three times the height of Mt. Everest) and more!

This competition will provide the background knowledge needed to facilitate near space explorations in their own classroom. Here you will get to learn about how to proceed on like a conceptual satellite design phase gearing you up for future missions. Your module require work into various departments like Attitude Determination and Control System, Command and Data Handling, Ground Station & Telemetry, Housekeeping & Descent Control, Power Unit and Circuitry, Structure and Payload Health Unit, Integration, On Board Computing And Software, Fault analytics and Management. It’s a multi-disciplinary project involving all the departments of engineering and certainly will take you further into building space missions.

Annual BalloonSat Competition 2013-14 Technical Events in Bangalore :
Abstract Submissions
Preliminary Design Review
Critical Design Review
Pre-Launch Tests
Launch Procedures
Post Flight Review and Conference

Annual BalloonSat Competition 2013-14 Fest Guests: Renowned scientists and professionals.

Annual BalloonSat Competition 2013-14 Co-ordinators Details:
Mr. S Subramanya Joshi
CEO, Antariksha Labs.
Phone: +91 9483054162

How to reach Antariksha Labs:
Launch will be in Bangalore. Exact location will be intimidated soon.

Annual BalloonSat Competition 2013-14 Registration Link:

Date: April 11th 2014,

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