Epilepsy can impact the quality of life

Dr. Vishakhadatta Mathur Kumaraswamy, Consultant- Neurology, Columbia Asia Hospital Sarjapur Road Epilepsy, a neurological problem that affects people of all age group is the 4th largest chronic disorder globally. Characterized by unpredictable seizures, this can affect the day today life of a person leading to other health problems. With various kind of seizure types, epilepsy […]

Patient with a rare Nasal Tumor Regains his ability to walk After a Life-Changing Surgery at HCG Cancer Hospital Bengaluru

A tumor is a challenging diagnosis, and things can become even more challenging when wrongly interpreted, treatment delayed, or the treatment received is irrelevant to the condition. In 2018, Sampath, a 47-year-old from Bangalore started having frequent episodes of weakness and bone pain along with walking difficulties. Little did Sampath know that his symptoms were […]

Increased dust, air pollution post lockdown is increasing COPD cases

By Dr. Hirenappa Udnur, Pulmonologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal Amid fear and uncertainties, Covid 19 pandemic has given us a less polluted environment. The lockdown imposed throughout the country has improved the air quality over the past few months. However, post the relaxation of lockdown, the pollution levels are increasing due to people taking out […]

Be-aware of the symptoms of lung cancer – Early detection can help in effective treatment

Be-aware of the symptoms of lung cancer – Early detection can help in effective treatment

By Dr. Neelesh Reddy, Senior Consultant, Medical Oncology, Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Yeshwanthpur With the increase in pollution levels throughout the country and the rise in the number of smokers, lung cancer has become more prevalent in the younger age groups. It is no longer limited to smokers to develop this type of cancer and a lot of […]

Breastfeeding a premature baby – Tips to know

By Dr.AnuradhaLokare, Consultant-OBG, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal Breastfeeding is one of the important factors for a newborn and the mother. Especially when it is a premature baby, introducing the baby to mother’s breastmilk takes a lot of effort. Breastfeeding can act as a shield to protect premature babies from most of the health issues they […]

Diabetes Mellitus – Tips to prevention

Dr. Indira Kedlaya, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield Diabetes Mellitus is a disease that is endemic in India. What was previously a disease of the developed world has made its way through small towns and villages of our country. This can be attributed to improved standards of living, access to food coupled […]

Does your child have allergic rhinitis? Here are the symptoms

Does your child have allergic rhinitis? Here are the symptoms

By Dr. Suruchi, Consultant – Paediatrics and Paediatric Endocrinology, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield Allergic rhinitis, also known as Hay Fever is an allergic response to certain particles and  is a common health condition among adults and children. This condition can trigger an allergic response in the nasal mucosa leading to cold and cough. It is […]

Night sweats or hot flashes – What to do they indicate?

By Dr. Pavithra R, Consultant, Internal Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal Sweating is a common body mechanism through which the body regulates its temperature. It is common for us to sweat during hot weather, after finishing workout or yoga or after any other physical exertion.  Also, it is common to sweat when you have using […]

Asia’s first successful bilateral cochlear implant surgery with advanced wireless sound processor in a child with auditory neuropathy at MGM Healthcare

Chennai, November 04, 2020: MGM Healthcare, a multi-specialty quaternary care hospital in the heart of the city under the MGM Institute of ENT , Head & Neck Surgery today announced the launch of the MGM Cochlear Implant programme after the completion of a successful bilateral cochlear implantation surgery performed on a child The patient Aadya was […]