CLAT Results to be announced soon

The CLAT results which were withdrawn following “Technical Discrepancies” will be soon announced after a mammoth task of manual cross-verification process currently underway.clat-logo

A clarification has been given on the CLAT website, which throws light on the predicament. The clarification states that there was a mismatch in the Barcode Sticker on the front page of the OMR sheet and the candidate sticker affixed on the back page, in a few cases.

This disparity in Barcode Sticker and Candidate sticker can cause the marks being reflected against a different roll number. In other words, if on the OMR of candidate X, by mistake the barcode sticker of candidate Y was affixed on the front page, (s)he would get score of Y candidate than his/her own. This would obviously generate a scenario of mismatching of score and eventual incorrect merit list. 

To remove any error due to this mismatch and to ensure that the OMR-generated score belongs to the corresponding candidate only, the reconciliation of the barcode sticker and the candidate sticker has been undertaken for all candidates.

Furthermore, OMR answer sheets will be uploaded in individual candidate’s login account once the reconciliation process is over. In addition to access to softcopy of their own OMR, the CLAT-2014 Secretariat will be open for interested candidates for physical verification.

The results could be announced in a weeks time.

Date: June 4, 2014