MVJ College of Engineering organizes daylong workshop

The ECE department of MVJ College of Engineering organized a one-day workshop on “Industrial Aspects of a Chip Design on amvjce Linux Platform” at the VLSI lab, MVJ Campus recently. The event was marked by the presence of the Principal of MVJCE, Shanmukharadhya and Vice-Principal Gayathri N.

The workshop started with E Krishna Kumar, HoD of ECE department giving a brief description about the workshop. He explained to the students about the aspects of a chip design followed by a Quiz for the students to refresh their memories.

The second session started after lunch and gave students an insight to the workshop.

After the workshop concluded, principal Shanmukharadhya advised students to inculcate multifaceted thinking and emphasized on acquiring knowledge and continuous learning. He also encouraged the participants to make good use of the opportunity to learn the chip design and Linux, which will help in creating a bright future for the students.

Date: April 11th, 2014

Source: TOI