Study abroad: Visa laws for Indian students eased by Australia

In a significant reform of the immigration laws affecting international students, Australia has eased the financial requirements for the visa applicants promo-studentsfrom “high risk” countries like India, China and Pakistan.

International students from the so-called high risk countries would not be assessed according to the stringent Assessment Level 4 and 5 criteria now as they have been removed. The changes have been made to implement the recommendations made by the a ‘Review of the Student Visa Assessment Level Framework 2013′ and would come into effect from March 22.

“This is certainly good news, especially for Indian students who can now realise their dream of getting quality education in Australia,” says a Melbourne-based education and immigration consultant Jag Khairra.

“The change in assessment levels for countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan will help boost number of students from these countries,” he opined.

The direct implication of the March 22 changes would be that the international students from countries like India, China and Pakistan would have to show lesser amount of money in order to gain entry to Australia. These students would be now be required to provide evidence of funds for 12 months’ study in Australia instead of 18 months.

“Great news for students from India who will now show half the funds for diploma-level courses than before,” said a Sydney-based vocational college owner, Moninder Singh, in a communique to IANS.

“This would mean students from countries like India and Pakistan would be able to apply for a student visa with up to A$20,000 (approximately Rs.1.1 million) less in the bank,” Moninder Singh added.

Date: March 26th, 2014