All that you need to know about junk foods!

Article contributed by Ms Edwina Raj, Senior Dietitian, Aster CMI hospital Junk food is the most potential element which is closely studied due to it’s high demand and consumption among all age group. Most of them have become ‘enslaved’ to junk foods since these are convenient, lip smacking foods, reduces cooking time and have a […]

A guide to caring for an epileptic patient

By Dr. VISHAKHADATTA MATHUR KUMARASWAMY, Consultant – Neurology, Columbia Asia Hospital Sarjapur Road Epilepsy is a chronic and debilitating disorder that impacts not only those with it, but also those who care for them. The term ‘epilepsy’ encompasses a group of neurological diseases, that is, conditions that affect the nervous system, characterized by epileptic seizures commonly […]

Pearson launches CBSE Question Bank 2021 Series as per revised syllabus to support class 10th students

CBSE Question Bank 2021 Series, is a comprehensive one-stop solution for class 10th students for seamless and uninterrupted preparations New Delhi, 27th July 2020: In an endeavour to make exam preparations more effective, Pearson, the world’s leading digital learning company, today unveiled CBSE 2021 Question Bank Series for Science and Mathematics. Based on the recent changes made by […]

EduVantage launches the bilingual ‘EduVantage Learning App’ as the new age M-learning system for K-12 students

New Delhi, July 25, 2020: EduVantage Pvt Ltd, which is India’s leading Ed-tech, assessment and certification organization, has launched its learning app called the ‘EduVantage Learning App’ for kindergarten to class 12 (K-12) students. The app is aimed at increasing engagement in student learning activities, improving digital literacy skills and providing an entertainment-centric effective learning […]

“SWASTHVAYU” – India’s indigenous ventilator soon to start human clinical trials at Manipal hospitals, Bengaluru

The invention of ventilators has saved the lives of numerous patients, suffering from respiratory failure-a medical emergency characterized by low oxygen and high carbon-dioxide levels in the body due to the inability to breathe appropriately as compared to a normal healthy person.  ‘SwasthVayu’ is the first “Made in India” non-invasive ventilator being developed by the National […]

Be cautious of these monsoon diseases

Dr. Satish Kumar M G – Consultant Internal Medicine – Columbia Asia Hospital Mysore The much-awaited monsoon season is here. Providing respite from the summer heat this season is most awaited. People love the monsoon season for the cooling touch it brings post the harsh summers. However, monsoon also brings along several diseases due to […]

Child with rare liver tumor receives new lease of life with live liver transplant during the COVID lockdown

Bangalore, 21 July 2020: In a life-saving surgery, 6-year-old Sarvesh, a child from RR Nagar received a live liver transplant from his mother recently. He was suffering from a very rare kind of tumour called hepatoblastoma, which had grown to a large size and had almost occupied his liver. Hepatoblastoma are rare malignant tumours which mostly occur […]

What happens to our body when there is a nutrition deficiency?

By Ms.Pavithra N Raj, Chief Dietician, Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Yeshwanthpur Body needs various types of nutrition to keep a person healthy and fit. Nutrition can be divided into macro and micronutrients. When body is deficit in major macro nutrients it doesn’t show much of symptoms but with micronutrients some symptoms may be visible even […]

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