Corona second wave: What establishments can do to take care of the safety of their employees and customers?

Dr.Angelina Mendos, Consultant- Medical Microbiology and Infection Control, Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Yeshwanthpur The second wave of Corona infection in India has spread to unprecedented levels with the daily positive cases breaching 2 lakh. Businesses that have already taken a severe beating when the pandemic broke out in 2020face worse situation this year. The spike […]

Diabetic eye – Here is the guide to maintain your eye health

By Dr. Ajanta Chakravarty, Consultant – Ophthalmology, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield Sunil was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 35 years and he has been neglecting it from last 5 years. Although, doctors had asked Sunil to control his sugar level, Sunil found it hard to limit his cravingsfor sweets. Although, Sunil’s wife objected to […]

Patient with Parkinson’s undergoes DBS Surgery using directional leads, a latest technology, to improve his mobility

Columbia Asia Referral Hospital Yeshwanthpur performs surgery using new technique Parkinson’s disease, a nervous disorder can affect anyone in their middle age. Identifying the condition in its initial stage and managing it well is a crucial step. The use of advanced technology in managing the condition is a boon for many patients with Parkinson’s disease. […]

Need for deworming in adults

Need for deworming in adults

By Dr.Pavithra, Consultant- Internal Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal All of us know deworming is crucial for kids and it is followed as a process. But how many of us know that deworming is equally important to adults as well?.That sudden flash of abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhoea could be due to the worms in the […]

IBM Study: COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted 9 in 10 Surveyed Consumers’ Views on Sustainability

Global research reveals majority of consumers are willing to pay to support a sustainable future ARMONK, N.Y., April 22, 2021 â€“ The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated consumers’ focus on sustainability and willingness to pay out of their own pockets – or even take a pay cut – for a sustainable future, according to a new IBM […]

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland empowers students with Culinary Employability Scholarship Program

This unique program combines world-class culinary education at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland with exciting paid internship and training opportunities in the United States, in partnership with Yummy JobsTM.                    New Delhi, April 19th, 2021- Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland (CAAS), the number one culinary school in Switzerland and top-ranked in the world, has launched the Culinary Employability Scholarship […]

Bharat Biotech and ICMR Announce Interim Results from Phase 3 trials of COVAXIN®; Demonstrates overall Interim Clinical Efficacy of 78% and 100% efficacy against Severe COVID-19 disease

Bharat Biotech and ICMR Announce Interim Results from Phase 3 trials of COVAXIN®; Demonstrates overall Interim Clinical Efficacy of 78% and 100% efficacy against Severe COVID-19 disease

The second interim results showed India’s First COVID-19 Vaccine had demonstrated strong primary efficacy against severe COVID-19 disease Hyderabad, India, April 21, 2021: Bharat Biotech, a global leader in vaccine innovation, developing vaccines for infectious diseases, announced phase 3 interim analysis results of COVAXIN®. The second interim analysis is based on accruing more than 87 symptomatic cases of […]

Myths about Oral Cancer

Contributed by Dr. Rajdeep P Guha, Head & Neck Onco Surgeon, HCG EKO Cancer CentreKolkata Head and neck cancer is a term used to define cancer that develops in the mouth, throat, nose, salivary glands, oral cancers or other areas of the head and neck. 85% of head and neck cancers are linked to tobacco use and 75% […]

Edtech Evolution: The benefits of technology in classroom

Edtech Evolution: The benefits of technology in classroom

Technology in the classroom has become all-important, more so after the Covid 19. While the pandemic has affected billions of learners across the globe, technology has played a vital role in ensuring that the online education industry has evolved, building functions and solving different problems at different stages. The inclusion of tech in education has […]