Be Job Search Ready

Be Job ReadyLeaving university or education is certainly an exciting time for many students, but are you ready for what lies ahead? By the end of a course, many learners are often feeling ready for a change and to embrace the new opportunities that await them. However, it can be difficult for those without any job searching experience, to narrow down their search and make it as productive as possible.

Luckily there are a number of courses and seminars in India for those requiring a helping hand, whether it be in employment or into further education. When it comes to actually firing up the computer and searching for your next step, that can be a somewhat arduous task. Help is at hand though, to make your job search more relevant to you.


Whether it be online or face-to-face, networking is still one of the most important ways to job search nowadays. Of your time spent online looking for jobs, it is recommended that you spend more than a third of it networking. Of course there is a definite place for direct contact and applications for jobs, but more often than not, making connections with potential employers or those in the area in which you want to work will be hugely beneficial.

Employers can learn a great deal about your skills and experience from an application for. But it is more important for a number of company bosses to meet someone and get a feel for whether that individual is right for their company. On paper, skills are one thing. However, being able to converse either in person or online with a potential employer, is fast becoming an important component of getting the right job. Trust is a key element for both parties in employment and as much as the modern workplace is geared around using technology, talking and making eye contact with a potential employer has many benefits. As such, research your area of expertise and try to book in as many job fairs and meetings with potential contacts as possible.

Projecting The Right Image

Whether it be face to face across a desk or on your social media profile, it is vital to make the right first impressions. If a potential employer googles your name for instance and sees something they wish they hadn’t, it is common sense that this will affect your job prospects! As such, make sure your social media presence is what you want it to be. Spend time on LinkedIn, ensuring your URL appears professional as does the rest of your profile. Your picture on your social media sites may need addressing too. If the first impression you want to give is a positive one, make sure your profile pictures reflect this.

In addition, when meeting in person, ensure you get the real you across. For example, it is important to be smart and professional in what you wear. You wont get another opportunity to show an employer how seriously you take your work, so make sure you wear the appropriate attire. Also, try to give an air of confidence, without appearing too confident! Make eye contact, smile, shake hands. This will go along way to building rapport and trust between two parties.

The job market is a tough place to be, but with the skills and experience gained at university, you are more than ready. Make sure you network effectively and get your professional image in shape and the world could be your oyster.

Jackie Edwards

Date: Dec 23, 2017