BirthRight by Rainbow Children’s Hospital inaugurates advanced IVF facility in Hebbal, Bengaluru

BirthRight by Rainbow Children’s Hospital in Hebbal, inaugurated its state-of-the-art IVF facility today. The center aims at providing new hope to women who aspire to conceive and experience the joy of motherhood. BirthRight is committed to offering comprehensive IVF solutions that address various crucial factors that influence the success of the procedure. With its cutting-edge technologies, the hospital is able to offer better success rates at IVF through ICSi inverted microscope, Trigas incubator, CO2 gas incubator, Integrated Laminar Flow, Andrology equipment, and LAH machine.

Commenting on the expansion, Mr. Nithyanada P, Regional Business Head Karnataka, Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Hebbal said â€śWe are thrilled to expand our footprint in Karnataka, with the launch of the IVF center at our Hebbal branch. Our vision is to make the parenthood dream a reality for all couples aspiring to become parents. Building on our legacy of success with previous IVF centers, our mission is to broaden our horizons and reach, empowering more families to embrace the joy of parenthood through affordable, top-notch treatment”.

“We are at the age where the struggle or inability to successfully to conceive naturally does not equal retiring the want as an unfulfilled dream. With the help of IVF we can address the challenges faced by natural conception. This center is more than just a place for treatment; it’s a safe haven where we’ll hold your hand, cheer you on, and work together to make your dreams a reality.” Says Dr. Shwetha S Kamath, Consultant- Obstetrics & Gynecology, Advanced Laparoscopy, Infertility & High-risk Pregnancy at BirthRight by Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Hebbal.

In recent years, advancements in reproductive technologies and assisted reproductive techniques have led to ground-breaking possibilities in the in vitro fertilization (IVF) field. These breakthroughs have shattered traditional boundaries, allowing individuals and couples to explore new-age IVF options and redefine age limits for parenthood.

Dr. Mamatha CV, Consultant – Fertility & IVF specialty, at BirthRight by Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Hebbal, states that “Age and ovarian reserve are vital considerations as fertility declines with age, and IVF becomes a promising path to parenthood. Reproductive health, which includes factors such as hormone levels and the condition of the reproductive organs, is another crucial aspect evaluated by our team of expert fertility specialists to ensure the best possible outcomes. At BirthRight, we are striving to optimize the chances of success by providing personalized care that takes into account each patient’s unique health circumstances.”

The center is extending an exclusive opportunity for women who are seeking IVF consultation. It will conduct a complimentary first consultation with highly experienced fertility specialists from 25th July- 31st August.