British Boarding Schools Show

The British Boarding Schools Show helps families across the globe to plan a world-class education for their children. The show brings together the leading schools and the most respected education experts to help you make the right decisions for your child. It helps Indian parents decide how best to give their children the advantages of an international education. The Show enables families living in India to gain direct and privileged access to the heads of some of the most prestigious schools across the UK.

Advice from the experts

The talks at the show provide parents with a unique opportunity to get expert answers and help you plan the education that will be best for your child. Heads, Registrars and Education Consultants speak at the show to help parents find the right school for their child.  These experts all have years of personal experience, a passion for education and the open-mindedness to discuss and debate with other experts.

Topics include:

‘How to choose the right school’,
‘When is the right time to board’,
‘How to prepare my child for entrance exams’.

British Boarding Schools Show – Bengaluru 2019
No 56-6B, Palace Road,
Bengaluru 560052.
Date Saturday 5 October
Timings 11:00-18:00
Entry Free

Organisers/ Partners: British Boarding Schools Show, British Airways, Bonas Macfarlane and Barratt London