EuroSchool Whitefield Students Selected for National Level Tech Competition ‘Vigyantram 2020’ Held at IIT Bombay

18 students of EuroSchool Whitefield qualified for and participated in the National Level Tech Competition ‘Vigyantram 2020’ held at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. The students presented their projects in the categories of ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Innovation Challenge’. These projects revolved around applications aimed at Technology and Sustainable Development.

‘Vigyantram 2020’ is a National Level Championship with a series of Technical workshops in association with Abhyuday, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. The fest is about embracing the new medium, which encourages students to shed their inhibitions and set the stage for their immense talents, at the national level platform. Each workshop and competition is a springboard to a deeper understanding of technology and its myriad applications and potential for innovation, which prepares the students for real-world problem-solving.


EuroSchool believes in encouraging its students to participate in Co-curricular and Experiential programs that focus on building lateral and critical thinking, creativity, logical reasoning and other essential life skills that help in the holistic development of students. EuroSchool has its eye on the future, equipping students with skills for new-age careers.

Shruthi Arun, Principal, EuroSchool Whitefield, said, “We are delighted that 18 of our students represented our School at the National Level Competition, having won in the Regional Round held in Bangalore. We always encourage students to participate in highly competitive and skill-based events such as these, to equip them for future work and life scenarios. As we see the potential of technology in not just careers in the future, but also in solving civic and environmental problems, we were happy to facilitate their participation in such an esteemed Tech competition revolving around innovation, held at the National Level.”

About EuroSchool:

In 2009, the Company ventured into K-12 education with EuroSchool, a network of 11 K-12 Schools today. The philosophy of ‘Discover Yourself’ further strengthens the belief that encouraging children to discover their true potential and skills is critical to thriving in the 21st Century. The school blends its ‘Balanced Schooling’ pedagogy with the Learn – Reinforce – Practice – Apply methodology. This paves the way for students to excel in academics, while co-curricular activities shape their creative, sporting and musical aspirations. EuroSchool operates on a DIRECT Academic Delivery Model with schools in urban locations across Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Surat.