Google to create global pool of cloud talent with Coursera: Apply now

Given the enormous scope in cloud computing as more and more organisations move their businesses to the cloud, education-focused technology company Coursera and Google will be collaborating to offer Google Cloud training courses. To be developed and taught by Google experts, the courses are aimed at current or aspiring IT professionals and data engineers, Coursera has said.

Shortage of trained professionals today stop organisations from adopting cloud technology. Open roles are required in cloud systems administration, data engineering, application development, and more. Such courses are likely to create networks of professionals skilled to utilise the latest Google Cloud Platform technology to create innovative solutions to business challenges.

Coursera will launch its first course this week in data engineering on Google Cloud Specialisation: Big Data and Machine Learning. To be the first in a five-course specialisation, it will be followed soon by more foundational, intermediate and advanced courses in infrastructure, machine learning, analytics, and application development.

On the tie-up, Leah Belsky, vice president of Global Enterprise Development at Coursera said: “Our mission is to enable anyone, anywhere to transform their life through access to the world’s best learning experience. A big part of that is about providing job-specific training in the hottest new fields. Cloud computing is one of the most in-demand career paths today, and we’re honoured to collaborate with Google to offer the latest cloud courses online, making it easier for developers and IT professionals around the world to master Google Cloud Platform Services.”

People who can take the course are current and aspiring IT professionals, data engineers and anyone else who’s interested. The cloud training can be accessed through the latest tools and technologies. Through the Coursera platform, learners have the flexibility to take courses on their own schedules both on their computers and on a mobile app.

Link for Enrollment and course details

Date: Mar 7, 2017

Source: HT