How Almost Anyone Can Make Cash from Writing

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TheĀ freelance industry has grown 41%Ā in the last year due to increasing opportunities for Indian citizens to make money online. If you are a student, this work offers flexibility to fit in around your studies. SinceĀ Bangalore has some of the top schoolsĀ globally, it is also home to some incredible talent, who can make extra cash from freelancing. If you have strong written skills, then the chances are you are capable of using your time to write content. Read on to find out how.

Where to Find Work

Finding freelance writing jobs is probably a lot easier than you think. Start by looking online, where there are thousands of websites who require an endless stream of written content. Unlike looking for a normal job, they wonā€™t ask for qualifications or require an interview. They simply want to know if you can produce a decent article.

A quick Google search for online writing jobs will revealĀ services dedicated to freelance writers. Sign up for as many of these as possible to increase your chances of finding work. Start looking through blogs, see if they accept guest contributions and find out what their procedure is.

How to Pitch

Once you have found a publication that you wish to write for, explore their site carefully. You need to work out exactly who their audience is, so that you can tailor an article to fit their blog. You can be the best writer in the world, but they are looking forĀ carefully crafted niche content.

If they are looking for completed articles, send them an email with this attached. Explain clearly that you are a freelance writer and have completed a piece specifically with their site in mind. Donā€™t be afraid to follow up if you get no response. The key is to be persistent without being annoying.

Writing Tips

GreatĀ writing begins in simplicity. Never try to show off or you will alienate your audience. Instead, try and express your ideas in as few words as possible. If you stick to producing well researched content, with a clear idea of the audience in mind, then you canā€™t go wrong.

The opportunity to make money from writing is open to anyone who is competent at writing. If you enjoy writing, then you will have the motivation to keep producing content and increase your chances of earning income. You may not become wealthy, but it is an accessible way for anyone to earn extra pocket money from their own home.

Jackie Edwars

Date: Feb 14, 2018