How To Get Your Finances In Order For A Trip Abroad

How To Get Your Finances In Order For A Trip Abroad

Travel is important as a student. Many colleges look for students that have travel experience, as they filter through applications. High school trips abroad can show that a student is passionate about service, exploration, and broadening his or her perspective on life. If you are a student who hopes to travel abroad, you need to consider your finances. How will you pay for the trip? Here are some helpful tips to help you finance your travel experience.

Apply For Assistance

You may not have to pay for travel all on your own. Do some research and see if there are any scholarships available to you. It is best to look for very specific scholarships that you qualify for. For example, if you live in a small area, apply for local scholarships first. This increases your chances of being the recipient of the funding.

Work More

You could also pick up a job that will help with funding your trip. It is unwise to take on a position that will cut into your study time, but you could take a job that will fill in your leisure or social hours. Jobs can provide you with social stimulation, and you will be getting paid at the same time. Swap outings with friends for part-time work, and put your paychecks directly into a savings account that you can use to pay for your trip.

Change Spending Habits

Many students spend money on unnecessary things, out of habit or social pressure. Think differently than your peers, and save your money instead of spending it on the latest trends. The extra money that you receive from parents, relatives, or friends on special occasions for example could go towards paying for travel.

Sell Items You No Longer Use

You may have saved up for an item in the past, but now you no longer need it. Consider selling the equipment and toys that you don’t use any more, like a bike or sports equipment that is no longer the right size. Someone else would be happy to have it, and they will pay you for it.

Ask friends and family if they have anything that they want to contribute. Selling old items is a great way of clearing out space. You might find that friends and relatives are happy to donate things, and let you keep the profits.

Pay Less For Your Trip

A final way to afford your trip abroad is to create a tour that costs less. Do plenty of research so that you find the cheapest flights and accommodations. Choose to visit a country where food is affordable rather than expensive. Look for study programs that are within your budget.

Traveling is essential to your student experience. It can even help you get into the college that you hope to go to. Finance a trip that will help you to learn about the world by searching for scholarships, working an extra part-time job, or spending less. You can also sell off items you no longer use. Aim to take a budget-friendly trip that will deliver a worth-while experience without draining your bank account.

Jackie Edwards

Date: Dec 13, 2017