How to Keep Your Room Air Conditioned On A College Budget

In some areas of India, such as Delhi, temperatures in the summer can reach around 113 degrees, according to World Weather and Climate Information. Temperatures this high can be dangerous. Even in other areas or India or different parts of the world if you’re studying abroad, hot temperatures in the summer can be frustrating and make focusing on your studies difficult. College students often have budgetary concerns to think about, so figuring out a way to make sure your dorm or apartment is air-conditioned without breaking the bank is important. Here are a few ideas for getting air conditioning on a budget.

Try A DIY Swamp Cooler

Depending on your budget and your level of skills as a handyman, you could consider making your own swamp cooler. A swamp cooler is something that you can make yourself using a fan, a container, some tools and ice water. There are many different videos and sites out there that can help you figure out how to create one of these systems. A swamp cooler, also called an evaporative cooler, works by using cold water that cools down the area as it evaporates and is then blown around with a fan. All you’ll need is a large bucket, a desktop fan, a cloth, and some tools such as a dremmel and measuring tape. Making a swamp cooler lets you cool down your room more effectively than with regular fans, plus they are a cheap option.

Install An Air Conditioner Yourself

In many ways, an air conditioning unit is the best option to keep your room or apartment cool during hot weather. Hot weather can be dangerous. It can even keep you from focusing and make it harder to complete mental tasks, according to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, which can be extremely frustrating when trying to study. Plus, there is always the risk of heat stroke in extreme temperatures. While buying and installing an air conditioning unit can be a little expensive, one way to make this process more affordable is to install the unit yourself. Of course, you’ll need to figure out if doing so is within your ability, and consider enlisting friends or family to help if you’re not great at DIY projects.

Look For Used Air Conditioning Units

While central air systems are the most effective way to cool down an entire apartment or dorm, they might not be within your budget. Instead, you could consider getting a window unit. To keep costs down, you could look for a used unit that someone is selling, but make sure the unit still works well. You can also install the window unit yourself, if possible, in order to keep things affordable. There are many guides available on how to do so, but, keep in mind that different windows work differently. You’ll need to measure your window precisely and make sure you have the proper tools to the do job.

Think Outside The Box

Staying cool during the heat in the summer is important to help you focus on your studies and to make sure you stay healthy. When trying to air condition your apartment on a budget, there are ways to do so if you think outside the box and also are willing to do some of the work yourself. And don’t forget: you can consider buying used or creating your own swamp box.