IIFT students take part in Bangalore Fashion Week from 5th  March to 8th  March at  Bangalore.

The 22nd  edition of Bangalore Fashion Week was held between 5th  March to 8th  March at  Bangalore.

49 Students of the Indian Institute of Fashion Technology participated in the 22nd edition of Bangalore Fashion Week as ‘Designers’ which was held at The Oterra Hotel, Bangalore, India and showcased their design collections.

The Themes displayed:

Little Mermaid to the colors of the ocean, fashion has a long-standing love affair with the big blue sea. A collection that captures the alluring beauty of the azure sea, hand embellished with aquatic plants, seahorse, starfish present you the edit of the products that will bring the underwater kingdom straight in the collection before you. Fabrics like foil printed lycra, organza, accordion-pleated fabric, embroidered net, highlighting on undersea creatures get ready to dive right in with you.

Beyond the Sea - IIFT

A collection inspired by the rings of Kayan tribes of MYANMAR (Burma) was a prominent element, maybe a myth that an elongated neck with the rings makes women look more beautiful. The collection embraces various aspects of women talking about the Elegance, Sophistication, Boldness, Purity through the silhouettes.

The color palette is white and gold which makes itself a very sophisticated collection. The circles have a high level of symmetry. The coils used all over are the most dominant feature in the collection. Every garment has X- factor to it which features every strong element a woman consists of.

3.Kambi kolam
A Kolam is a geometrical line drawing of curved loops, drawn around a grid pattern of dots by South India women to adorn the doorstep with beautiful designs. Kolams are believed to bring prosperity to homes. The collection consists of western wear with fabrics like georgette, raw silk, satin embellished with Kollam designs in aari work with beads and stones..

Pastels are the softened edges of sharp gradients. It manifests a tender heart as a drape. It belongs to a family of colours that represents calmness and dullness while pop colours represent brightness and happiness in life. The collection is a mixture of pastel colours and pop followed by Western and Indo-Western look. Various interesting fabrics have been used such as organza, dutch satin, crepe, embroidered net fabric and printed organza.

5. Japanese cherry blossom
In Japan cherry blossom season is a time to celebrate the time of renewal and the collection has bought the sight to be hold by recreating the beauty of symbolic flowers of spring. By throwing in fresh and gleaming tints and shades of pinks,a feminine collection of demi couture garments are made to perfection capturing the extremely breathtaking beauty of the magical tree.

All accessories and embroidery are detailed to perfection to bring out the deep dive on the beauty. It is cherished and brought in to this spring summer collection by incorporating embroidery techniques to highlight the contrast between the stems and the showering  of delicate petals.

“Birds of paradise”, arguably it is the most fabulous of its family. Skyish baby blue body and elongated wire of small white colour spatulate of tail with golden and silver add up to the luxurious look to the bird. Inspired by this beauty of God’s creation, the whole collection is made. Blue and white depict royalty and are the dominant colours. While gold and silver display luxury one are  used for embellishment. Different fabrics are used such as accordion pleated, bridal satin and net.

“ESCACS” famously known as Shatranj in India Known since the 7th century. The whole inspiration of the collection is based on the colours of the board Black and White. To enhance the component of the garment yellow colour is used. Black depicts sophistication, white depicts peace and yellow depicts luxury and joy. The collection  consist of Western wear with fabrics like georgette, ikat, twill check, satin with handmade embellishment.

For more information you can visit: https://www.iiftbangalore.com