IIMB students to have a taste of culture

Starting this  Saturday, The Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore (IIMB) will usher in art and culture straight to its campus,.

IIM-B Culture Connect  is a IIMB students’ bedu-iimbdriven intiative, which will attract well known writers, artists, filmmakers, playwrights and musicians to campus every month to speak to the students about their creative journey. It is aimed at exposing students to fine arts and to increase their understanding of its many nuances.

Well-known Kannada film maker Girish Kasaravalli will inaugurate the programme on October 25.

“Our new director, Dr Sushil Vachani, wants to see a more culturally active campus,” said Naveen Bharti, one of the students behind the initiative. “Yes, we’re a B-School, but every Master’s course worth its salt needs to give students exposure to liberal arts, which play a major role in life and our society.”

India’s long, diverse heritage is defined by its art and culture, said another student, Vaibhav Singh, who worked with Bharti in getting the initiatve off the ground. “An understanding of art and culture will change our perspective on life and business and help us see things differently.”

The first session will feature a screening of a documentary of late writer Dr U.R. Ananthamurthy, directed by renowned filmmaker Girish Kasaravalli, who has also agreed to inaugurate the talk series. Kasaravalli is one of the best-known filmmakers of modern India, whose work has been compared with the likes of Satyajit Ray, Adoor Gopalakrishnan and Mrinal Sen.

Award-winning director Abhaya Simha will introduce the audience to various aspects of Kasaravalli’s work and facilitate the interaction.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

Date: Oct 25, 2014