International Travel for Broke College Students

Hostel fees and global abroad tuition paid by Indian college students has seen up to a 44% increase over the last three financial years, reports LiveMint. It’s no surprise that students from Bangalore are taking advantage of travel, for travelling teaches you something that school can never teach you. Travelling as a college student exposes you to life experiences that exceed the depth of the four walls of the classroom. These legendary experiences abroad for college students no longer need to be limited to just the study abroad experience, however, for there are many destinations that are affordable to go to just for holidays. While many dismiss global travel as something only for the rich, there are many travel destinations from Bangalore that are budget-friendly.

student international travel is affirdable

Adventure in the Florida Everglades

One such affordable destination is Florida. The state itself is ranked as one of the most Affordable Travel Destinations for Broke College Students and has all the hallmarks of a great destination: sun, sand, and a variety of experiences. In addition, CNBC ranks two of the state’s cities as most affordable vacations in the United States. The busiest time of year to visit Florida is April to December, so consider visiting in the state in summer months as travelling during the off-peak season can save you money. Fly from Bangalore to Fort Lauderdale for approximately 125,000 rupees and once you get there, you’ll have a variety of affordable accommodations  to choose from that can range from budget-friendly to luxury all within distance of the famed Florida Everglades. When at the Everglades Park, take in the views from the Shark Valley panorama located on the northern entrance of the park. Soak in the atmosphere of the completely free, college budget friendly, and killer views of the famed everglade-safari landscape. In the morning, you can see wild roaming deer, otters playing in the water, and listen to the calm tune of the morning birds. 

Dance through the Streets of Dublin

Another budget friendly yet fun-filled travel destination is Dublin, Ireland. Rich in culture, legendary music, and a stunning landscape, Ireland is both pocket-friendly and a memorable site. You can stay in city-centre hostels for as little as 2488 rupees a night, and be in the center of the bustling city’s action. Dublin, home to pub culture, has historical sites like the Brazen Head which is the oldest pub in the nation dating back to the 1100’s, and even better, has no entrance fee. Can’t afford the bus out to the famed Cliffs of Moher in Galway? Take a 6 euro (467 rupee)  round trip train to a nearby seaside village of Howth, that will have cliffsides and wildlife that will take your breath away.

Seaside Getaway in the French Riviera

A seaside getaway to Nice, France is also a surprisingly inexpensive destination. Located on the southernmost point of the nation, the country offers a storied beachside, access to a variety of activities from hiking cliffs to merchant markets, and is home to budget-friendly accommodation. The Villa Saint Exupery Beach Hostel, for example, can host you for under 1100 rupees a night. They offer free walking tours of the city, and a dinner and drink deal nightly. Other budget friendly perks? You can visit free public beaches and hike to the top of a nearby village Eze, to enjoy vibrantly blue views of the whole Cote d’Azur rather than paying steep prices of museum fees in other destinations. Being so close to Italy, you can two cultures in one–Italian foods and cuisines infused with the romance of French culture.

Travel is no longer a luxury only for the rich. With research and wisely-chosen destinations, travel is easily attainable for all college students wishing to experience the world beyond Bangalore.