Kreative Minds an art and culture school based in Bengaluru organised Online Fine Art and Craft Exhibition.

The festive season begins in India with Lord Ganesh arriving at everyone’s home and blessing us all. Kreative Minds also celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with lots of fun and enthusiasm in its classes. Every batch has created something unique this year. Kreative Minds organised an Online Art Exhibition for their students to show their talents on Canvass. Kreative Minds always work for their students’ betterment. So the institute always gives a chance to their kids to paint their expression and thoughts through painting.

The youngest batch of age 4 years to 5 years made Ganesh with colourful papers and newspapers. The next batch (age between 6 years to 8 years) made Ganesh with clay while they also recited some Shlokas of Lord Ganesh. The next level (age between 9 years to 11 years) worked with Matchsticks and created a beautiful Ganesh on paper. The next 3 levels (age between 12 years to 25 years) did magic with Jute thread on a hard and mound board.

The arrival of Lord Ganesh has inspired creativity in all age groups and has definitely given a lot to art lovers to look forward to in this year with their creativity. This creativity will be done with all fun and enjoyment and enthusiasm just like the ‘dhol and dhamaka’ of Ganesh Puja.

In this great occasion Kreative Minds Founder Amrita Tiwary said “

 Kreative Minds believes in encouraging art in all. We often conduct various competitions in art and craft, music and dance. These competitions are all at the national level. The competitions have topics and theme based on not only festivals or current affairs but also on their imaginations. 

In Kreative Minds we always think and develop towards the betterment of art and how today’s children can benefit from various art forms.