Master Your Mind 1.0 (Nov. 13th and 14th)

Attention Parents!

Welcome to Mastermind International’s Learning Enhancement and Skills Development Program.
We tell our children to learn, to focus, not to fear but do they know how…what methods or techniques will help them?
Are children academic robots, could we channel them to be all- round GENIUSES, well equipped for FUTURE triumphs and challenges. The answer lies with you.
Our program is designed to assist students with the how to learn quicker, read retain and recall faster, methods to overcome fears, techniques for better neurobic activities, cognitive skills enhancement, super memory booster, stress management, handle traumas, confidence building, exams preparation, better child – parent communication/relationship and much more.

2 day program with all safety and hygiene measures ensured at St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School Museum Road, Blore

Loads of fun activities, result – noticeable changes

Age: 10 to 17years
Date:13th and 14th Nov. 2021
Time:10am to 5pm
Rs. 5400/- includes lunch, snacks, Certificate and GST.

Request you to plz enroll your child/children today

Call Ms.Manju 9945470002 for any assistance. Click below to register

master your mind 1.0