Over 80 traffic policemen from Bengaluru underwent health screening at NURA

BENGALURU / March 25, 2022: More than 80 traffic police personnel across several police jurisdictions in Bengaluru underwent comprehensive preventive health screening at NURA, a collaboration between Fujifilm Healthcare and Dr. Kutty’s Healthcare that offers AI-enabled imaging and expert health screening in the city.

The doctors at NURA screened the police personnel for more than a dozen parameters and health conditions such as BMI, full-body composition, visceral fat analysis, blood pressure, anaemia and metabolic syndrome, along with tests to check heart, liver and kidney health. They were also screened for diabetes, coronary heart disease, chronic inflammatory lung disease (COPD), osteoporosis, bone mineral density, sarcopenia, and gout. The police personnel also underwent tests to detect colon cancer, oral cancer, prostate cancer (for males only), lung cancer and breast cancer & cervical cancer for females.

Said Dr. Tausif Ahmed Thangalvadi, Medical Director, NURA: “We use latest AI-enabled equipment from Fujifilm Healthcare for state-of-the-art imaging and diagnostics that can identify diseases in very early stages. During health screening of traffic police personnel, we came across several of them suffering from common health problems. Our doctors provided on-the-spot consultation regarding treatment options and how to follow a healthy lifestyle and diet based on health parameters of each policeman. Such an initiative will go a long way in keeping Bengaluru’s police force healthy and fit.”

Said Mrs. Kavitha ACP, Traffic Police, East Bengaluru City: “Traffic policemen and women have a strenuous job that places a huge amount of stress on their health, as they have to be physically present on the roads daily for long periods of time amidst air and noise pollution. With such comprehensive preventive health screening, health risks can be identified early, and precautionary measures can be taken. We plan to provide preventive health screening to more policemen from other jurisdictions in Bengaluru.”