TechConX held at Canadian International School

Canadian International School (CIS) hosted the first ever ‘TechConx’ – an educational technology conference at their campus. Theipad-education conference focused on iPads, as one of basis for imparting education and many web-based technologies. There were workshops and classroom visits to observe the impact of technology in the pedagogy of teaching in the learning space. The workshops focused on using apps to create, assess and design the syllabus. The classroom visits portrayed the implementation of IOS and other web based technology in CIS’s curriculum.
Schools, students and corporate enterprises participated at the event who took back with them better ideas and knowledge on integration of technology in education. Greenwood International School, Stonehill International School, Trio World Academy, Ebenezer International School, Creative Infotech, Edutech, MG Charities were few of the many schools and corporates who attended the conference.
There were three workshops conducted by the senior leadership team of CIS highlighting different technology platforms. Augmented Reality, Organic Modeling (WebMo), Digital Citizenship, Digital Book Creation, Smart phone Photography and IOS apps for Content Creation were some of the key topics that were presented. CIS also introduced applications for the students belonging from the elementary to high school.
Mr. Joshua Barton, an environmentalist, photographer, and a technology enthusiast was the guest speaker at the conference. “It was a terrific forum for people to have an idea on how to use technology in education and not only in curriculum”, he quoted.
This conference resulted in introducing new and innovative technologies as a medium to impart education to these schools who participated. In addition, several other participants were enthusiastic in inculcating these ideas in their respective schools to use them in the near future.
“It’s fantastic to see ICT integration happening in such a supportive environment”, said, a teacher from Stonehill International School, Bangalore
“Today’s Conference brought us to experience daily tech integration in a creative and diverse way. We are ready to share back with our community and educate our teachers for the global change.  The best session were the “Student-Centered” ones where we could relate it to practicality”, said, a teacher from Mercedes – Benz International School, Pune
A teacher from International Centre for Excellence, Bangalore, said, “Today’s conference was very informative. The amount of information shared by the presenters was amazing. The varieties of apps used in class rooms were very interesting.”
The participants from different backgrounds were excited to have experienced these sessions run by CIS which gave them a platform to integrate and learn about different forms of technologies which is changing the education scenario in India.
Date: Feb 18, 2016