Three-day workshop on ‘Material Culture’ at Jain University campus

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Jain University in association with National Institute of Advanced Studies, mtlcultureArcheological Survey of India and University of Exeter organises a 3 day international workshop on ‘Material Culture’ from 11 – 13 April 2014 at Jain University & NIAS.

Brief Description:
Developed in the late 19th and early 20th century, the study on material culture evolved in the context of connecting artifacts with social life. The study of ancient objects furnishes an understanding about a particular culture and its functioning over a period of time. The human perceptions are co-related with objects and their socio-cultural relevance. The material culture around the world is rich and offers a wide scope for research. These are also collected and exhibited in the museums adding value to the material culture of the area. A critical enquiry surrounding ancient to the contemporary material culture is essential to comprehend the socio-cultural aspects through the areas of study like history, archeology, architecture, jewelry, apparel, art and design. The present Material Culture workshop which is collaborative training and participative, will focus on the diverse objects of the material culture on a global perspective and investigating the socio-cultural aspects they represent.

This workshop will cover the areas of research and practice in the field of material culture.
Senior scholars and upcoming professionals in the field cover the areas such as

Archeology and Material Culture
Art History and Material Culture
Collection of Museums and Material Culture
Science, Technology and Material Culture
Visual, Performing Arts and Material Culture
Documentation and Material Culture
Conservation and Material Culture

It is the first of its kind the young students and researchers would be benefitted with the kind of expertise they acquire through this workshop.

Registration fees:

Rs. 1,000/- only for Indian Nationals
$75 for participants other than Indian nationals

(This includes 3 days’ Lunch, 2 nights’ Dinner and Workshop Content Material)
We would not undertake the responsibility of accommodation and transport. 

P: +91 8050185074 (Indrani) / +91 9686065742 (Dr. Soumya Manjunath Chavan)

Date: April 11th 2014,

Source: Jain University