Top 5 Fashion Courses available at Jd Institute

JD Institute of Fashion Technology is known worldwide for its amazing courses and massive reach. Fashion and design being the central focus of the institute, it offers several programmes under various categories like diploma, degree, post graduation etc. While undergraduate degrees have a lot of collaborative programmes and fashion design courses, post graduate degrees have it too. There are also a wide range of short term courses in fashion and designing itself. Here, we have tried to list down the top 5 fashion courses available in the institute out of all the categories.  

  • Fashion Design (Collaborative Work with Subharti University)

This is a programme having a duration of 4 years and requires the clearance of GAT by the aspirants or students. GAT is primarily a General Aptitude Test. The eligibility required for this course is 10+2.

Highlights of the programme-

-Brief idea about textiles, garment construction, ornamentation techniques and manufacturing techniques.

-Opportunity of internship in the last year.

Trendy methods are taught.

-Various kinds of exposure to collaborations.

-The career opportunities after this course can be major of a fashion designer, costume designer, fashion buyer, quality control manager, fashion stylist, design curator, merchandiser, fashion entrepreneur etc.

  • Fashion Communication

This is a postgraduate programme of 2 years which is highly encouraged by several fashion professionals in the industry. It focuses on communicating creativity via various mediums. Examples can include marketing, advertising, fashion photography, visual merchandising, fashion journalism etc.

Highlights of the programme-

-It helps in developing and growing the technical side of the art world. It also deals with a lot of theoretical world and reflective skills.

-Awareness of the fundamentals of the design is made. Various kinds of tricks, techniques and methods are taught.

-There is an in-depth knowledge module wise.

Opportunities of collaborations are possible.

  • Fashion Management

This is also a post graduate programme of 2 years. The course is said to be one of the top fashion management courses available out there as well as proves to be highly beneficial for several professionals.

Highlights of the programme-

-This course is primarily made for anyone who aims to manage fields related to fashion or creativity. It brings exposure to product development, planning, procurement, industrial knowledge and technical side of it.

-It supports various collaborations and projects.

-There are also heavy scope for international and national collaborations under the programme.

-The career opportunity under this programme is fashion business manager, retail manager, fashion merchandisers, entrepreneur, fashion consultant, fashion brand manager, fashion marketing manager.

  • Fashion Business Management

This is a bit similar to that of fashion management but in a diploma format. It is a 1 year programme having different aims of outcomes, highlights, campus offerings and more. There are also scholarships available.

Highlights of the programme-

-Helps in research and development in the field.

-Gives an aesthetic and real understanding of the field.

-Focuses on collaborations, learnings and projects.

  • Fashion Styling

This is a short term course of 6 months. It provides certificates apart from great knowledge. The general career opportunities present here are fashion stylist, personal stylist, fashion buyer, curator, blogger etc.