Virtual Classrooms to bring IIM teachers to rural classrooms

A satellite-based educational programme has started bringing the educational expertise of the IIM or Indian Institute of Management to classrooms across the state.Virtual-Classrooms-iim-rural

The programme, called Satellite and Advanced Multimedia Education or SAME, covers classes 5 to 10 and focuses on subjects like Math, Science and English.
Through a virtual classroom set up on a screen, students will get lessons straight from teachers at a studio in IIM.
The programme is led by a consortium headed by the IIM’s Centre for Public Policy in Bengaluru along with content and technology developers.

In a pilot project, IIM and its partner, the state government, tested the satellite learning programme on some rural schools and found a marked improvement in Class 10 results. The state government was impressed enough to take up the project’s funding and now wants it to cover 1000 schools.

This project aims to bridge the gap between rural and urban students in Karnataka.

Source: NDTV

Date: Apr 09, 2015