Vocational Training Programs and Nursing Job in Germany!

Nova Education Center Berlin offers Golden Opportunity to International Applicants – Learn German Language online with us and:

Nova Education Center Berlin

1.       Get Vocational Training in Germany Companies

                                       Eligibility Criteria: High School Leaving Certificate

                                                                                  B1 Level in German Language

                                                                                  Pass Skype Interview

                                       Benefits: Earn while Lean and get Guaranteed Job

                                                             Min 900 € Salary/Month (+10% increasing/Yearly)

2.       Get Nursing job in Germany Clinics & hospitals

                                      Eligibility Criteria: If GNM with 2 to 3 years exp. /

                                                                                 If BSC NURSING/ POST BSC /MSC Fresher with Experience (1 year)

                                                                                 B2 Level in German Language

                                        Salary:   Min 2.400 €  Salary/Month (+10% increasing/Yearly)

Learn German Language from Professionals & start Employment in Germany as a Trainee

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