What Is The PTE Test For Australia? How To Get A High Score?

What is the PTE test for Australia?

Understanding the significance of the Pearson Test of English (PTE) in this country is crucial for those seeking academic or professional opportunities there.

Let’s dive in to learn more about the structure, uses, and purposes of this test in Australia.

What Is The PTE Test For Australia?

The PTE exam is an essential computer-based language assessment. It is designed to evaluate the English proficiency of individuals who are not native speakers. 

In Australia, the PTE Academic test is the most widely acceptable form of PTE exam.

This test is particularly relevant for those pursuing academic or professional chances in Australia because PTE can measure the aptitude for effective communication and English use in various contexts.

The Structure Of A PTE Test In Australia

The PTE exam in Australia assesses 4 English language skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

Part 1 – Speaking and Writing: This section includes the main tasks, such as reading aloud, sentence repetition, image description, and lecture retelling. It also involves responding to brief questions, summarizing a text, and writing an essay. You will have around 90 minutes to complete this part.

Part 2 – Reading: This part evaluates test-takers’ reading comprehension through tasks such as filling in gaps, multiple-choice questions, and reordering paragraphs. Candidates are required to answer all the questions in around 30 minutes.

Part 3 – Listening: In the listening test, you need to complete tasks like filling in gaps and multiple-choice questions. In addition, choosing an accurate summary, identifying missing/ incorrect words, and transcribing from dictation are other sections.

What Can You Use The PTE Exam For In Australia?

Admission To Higher Education Institution

Numerous universities and colleges across Australia use your results from the PTE test as a reliable source to assess your English level. Most of them use this test to evaluate applicants for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Applying For Visa

The Australian government accepts PTE results as proof of English language proficiency for visa applications. It is used to apply for several visa categories, including student visas, skilled migration visas, and more.

Professional Certification

Many professional associations in Australia formally consider PTE scores as evidence of English competency. It is really important if you want to become certified or registered in your job.

Seeking Jobs

People looking for jobs in Australia might need to show their PTE certificates to prove they’re good at English. It is especially necessary for jobs that require English communication.

Scholarships Opportunities

Some scholarships for international students who want to study in Australia might ask for your PTE scores when you apply. They do this to ensure you have the right language skills to do well in your studies.

Developing Your English Proficiency

The PTE exam also serves as a valuable scale for personal self-evaluation. You can use the score as a reference point to assess your English language and monitor your progress over time.

Required PTE Score For Australia

The PTE Academic test score required in Australia varies based on the purpose of each test-taker. Below are the minimum PTE grades needed for different levels:

  • Vocational level: 36 is the minimum score required in each of the four skills.
  • Functional level: You need to gain at least a 30 score for this level.
  • Competent level: To meet this level, you must achieve at least 50 scores in every skill.
  • Proficient level: A minimum of 65 points for each part is the requirement for this level.
  • Superior level: For this highest level, you must gain at least 79 points.

In the context of Australian visa applications, a test-taker has to earn at least 65 points to apply for permanent residency (PR). This threshold will have you gain more immigration points, making the migration pathway easier. 

A score of 50 may not allow for a PR application, but you still can apply for an Australian visa without obtaining any immigration points. Therefore, it’s best to get a high PTE score to increase the chances of applying for Australian permanent residency.

11 Tips And Tricks For A High PTE Score

  • Keep your answer straightforward to ensure clarity. Avoid overly complex vocabulary that might confuse the examiner.
  • Balance your language use by incorporating both simple and advanced words judiciously for a well-rounded response.
  • Stick to the correct sequence when answering questions. Disorganized answers can distort your intended meaning. 
  • Lengthy paragraphs are tedious to read. Keep your answer concise and to the point, using correct words.
  • Allocate time wisely by planning your responses in advance. Structured answers save time and prevent lengthy, confusing paragraphs.
  • Recognize your weaknesses through practice and work on improving them regularly.
  • Familiarize yourself with the PTE exam structure, including section details, time allocation, and answer recording method.
  • Enhance your listening skills by practicing on YouTube channels, TV commercials, and other movie series. 
  • Develop fluency and accurate pronunciation for effective speaking.
  • Practice writing skills, focusing on spelling, punctuation, and clarity. Besides, it’s best to avoid irrelevant details.
  • Regularly read news in diverse contexts to improve your reading skills.


What Is The Hardest Part Of A PTE Academic Exam?

Many people find the PTE reading section to be the hardest part because test-takers have to understand and interpret written passages quickly. After that, they need to answer questions accurately and manage their time effectively.

This part can be demanding due to the need for both speed and accuracy in reading the provided texts. In addition, the diversity of topics covered in the reading materials can pose a challenge. Test-takers may encounter unfamiliar subjects or vocabulary.

Which Australian Universities Accept PTE?

Most universities in Australia accept the PTE Academic test for admissions purposes. The Australian government also accepts PTE for visa applications.


What is the PTE test for Australia? The PTE certificate is a crucial criterion for those who want to study, work, or live in Australia. It evaluates your English skills in speaking, writing, listening, and reading. 

The required score depends on the purpose of each person. Most importantly, it’s best to practice regularly to get a high PTE score and increase the chances of working or studying in Australia.

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