You can now design and develop apps with or without a technical background

Are you a tech-freak?

Do you aspire to develop an app all by yourself?iPhone-App-Marketing-Service

Well, here’s your chance:

In a unique initiative launched by txtWeb, a platform that creates text-based apps is inviting students and young professionals from a non-coding background from across the nation to develop and ideate an app they wish to create. With assistance from the firm, students can build and launch their own application.

Aminish Sharma, head of technology, txtWeb, shares, “We see that most students and young professionals are creative but might lack the required skills to build an app. Through this initiative, our aim is to encourage students and young professionals from any academic background to create apps. Applicants can be from any academic background and need not have any prior coding skills.

Once the application is developed, the same can be used by mobile phone users across India. What’s unique about designing an application on this platform is that users with the most basic mobile phones with no GPRS or data plan use the application.

Vishwa Datta, a second year student who has developed an application on this platform shares his experience. He says, “The first app I created was @top20, a music app that retrieves the top 20 Bollywood, Tollywood, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi songs of the week based on their popularity. My most recent initiative is @election2014, an app that acts as a comprehensive guide to the 2014 elections.”

While certain apps take less than 20 minutes to develop and launch, others may take a few days to go live. Students who wish to ideate their application can register online and send in their app idea before June 15. Select students will be given a chance to develop their idea free of cost. Students whose apps are developed and published will also be certified as a txtWeb developer. Students who wish to register can visit

Other apps developed by students

  • @Gemini – Provides interesting facts and information about the Gemini sun sign
  • @ilyrics – an app that provides lyrics for almost all songs
  • @smsmd –  A one stop app for complete health guidelines for Indians
  • @iplon – IPL 2014 related updates – scores, match schedules, etc.
  • @nutrifacts – Provides nutritional information about particular food items

Date: June 2, 2014

Source: Education Times