770 lesser Medical Seats this year : KEA

In a major disappointment for undergraduate medical seat aspirants, there is a fall in the total number of medical seats available this academic year. As per the seat matrix published by Karnataka Examinations Authority (KEA), the medical seats have gone down by 770 compared to last year’s seat matrix.

In total, 5,920 seats are available at 48 medical colleges across the state. And the seats available last year were 6,690 at 54 medical colleges.

The number of dental seats available this year has increased by 446 as against last year’s number. Last year, there were 2,308 seats from 40 dental colleges whereas this year it has increased to 2,754 seats at 38 dental colleges.

In engineering stream, KEA has published the seat matrix of only 16,942 seats. Official sources in KEA said that the final seat matrix is likely to be published on Monday.

Meanwhile, KEA is planning to complete the engineering seat allotments by the end of July. However, there has been a delay in allotment of seats in the first round.

And this time, KEA authorities have decided to allot medical and dental seats before engineering seats. According to officials, this is to avoid surrendering of engineering seats when students get medical seats.
Last year, engineering seats were allotted first and even medical seat aspirants chose engineering seats. Later, when they got medical seats, they surrendered engineering seats. “This time the engineering seats will be allotted two days after the medical and dental seat allotments,” an official said. As per the information published in the medical allotment section, there are around 65,025 NEET aspirants who are eligible.

The option entry was opened on Saturday at 7.30 pm and students enter their options using the login provided to them. Though the option entry begins at a time for medical and engineering, allotments will be made first for the medical stream.

Word of caution from KEA

The KEA officials have given serious instructions to medical and engineering students stating that they need to be very clear about the process of allotment and choosing of colleges. Officials said, “While entering their option, instead of medical they give dental. We suggest that they should not do all these experiments on our online portal. The online portal is sensitive and they should prioritise before they click on anything.”

The prioritisation should be given in descending order. The first priority should be a 100 per cent and then they should enter according to diminishing priority. The officials also advise that they should first opt for free seats in the allotment and then go for payment seats.

Source: TNIE