Blox Announces Strategic Partnership with VDV Developers for Real Estate asa Service (REaS) Platform

Mumbai, May 31, 2023: Blox, India’s revolutionary online home buying platform, is excited to
announce its strategic partnership with VDV Developers for two assets valued at $100 million, located
in Tardeo and Mulund. These assets, covering an area of approximately 210,000 sq. ft, will be launched
this calendar year. This partnership is a part of Blox’s REaS /Development Management platform,
which aims to target $500 million worth of revenue potential projects over the next three years.
Blox has already launched its first project under this platform with VDV Developers, where they will
execute and sell real estate projects. The first development, a 41-storey architectural masterpiece
known as “The Altitude,” is located in Tardeo, with plans for the next project in Mulund towards the
end of this year.
In just 60 days since its launch on March 9th, The Altitude has seen over 2000 customer walk-ins and
is projected to generate approximately $30 million in revenue this calendar year. Blox’s
platform has a network of 8000+ RERA registered channel partners, in addition to D2C sales directly
from its platform
Blox’s cutting-edge technology platform offers expertise in various areas, including brand
conceptualization, go-to-market strategy, sales and marketing support across channels, channel
partner activation, sales collection process, and custom CRM development. By providing these
services, Blox ensures that the projects they work with have successful sales. This approach enables
the developer to concentrate on building high-quality products and sourcing additional projects,
without having to worry about the actual product sales.
Commenting on the partnership, Aditya Jhaveri, Founder and CEO of Blox, stated, “Partnering with
VDV Developers is a strategic move for Blox as we aim to revolutionize the real estate industry in India.
With this partnership, we plan to take on multiple projects across Mumbai and Thane, leveraging
VDV’s core expertise in real estate development and Blox’s cutting-edge technology platform. Our
platform, powered by AI, will enable 3D project planning, AR/VR, and advanced customer visualization
tech, ensuring that developers, brokers, and customers can transact seamlessly. By automating lead
generation, CRM, sales and marketing, and financial management, Blox will enable VDV to focus on
their core competencies, while providing world-class customer service and increasing sales velocity.”
Blox and VDV Developers aim to launch multiple assets over the next three years with a particular
focus on emerging redevelopment markets such as South Mumbai and Worli by providing real estate
as a service to enable redevelopment and self-redevelopment of housing societies and slums.
Blox is the first and only platform in India to allow e-booking of apartments on its website,
with payments being made to and receipts being generated directly from the developer. Blox has an
unparalleled sales and marketing infrastructure, powered by complex machine learning algorithms
and AI, enabling huge efficiency creation and increasing sales velocity for the developer while
increasing transparency and world-class customer service for the homebuyer.
About Blox:
Blox is India’s revolutionary online home buying platform that helps customers buy their dream home
in just seven clicks. To date, Blox has raised USD $14 Mn in VC funding from Silicon Valley investors.
Through its fully integrated online-to-offline system, Blox is revolutionising the way Indians buy real
estate. Blox allows clients to compare properties fairly, do site visits, manage documentation and
project financing requirements and helps with a dedicated relationship manager who handholds every
customer throughout their home buying journey.