Christ University, Bangalore


Christ University, a landmark in itself doesn’t require much help reaching. Still for newbies in Bangalore, it is located near Bangalore Dairy off Marigowda Road and not too far fromchrist the famous Forum Mall on Hosur Road in South-Central Bangalore. BMTC buses provide good connectivity to the area but a handful of the students here prefer commuting by such ‘mass transport’ services. Either they travel by their own private vehicles or auto rickshaws which simply deny ferrying you to the college even if you’re ready to pay a lot more than the usual fare just because there’s no U-Turn anywhere close to the college.
For those who happen to change their minds and switch to ‘mass transport’ services, following are the buses plying close to the college: 140, 356, 360, G3, BIAS 7, V276 and many more. Direct buses are available for Majestic, Sarjapur Road and Electronic City.



Awe-mazing! Be it classrooms or labs or the sports ground or libraries, everything’s first class. The campus spreads over a huge chunk of land and besides the academic facilities it has a football ground, tennis courts, basketball court, auditorium and two splendid halls (Ivy Hall & Gourment Hall). Hostels are a little cramped up, they say, and VERY VERY strict. It’s, thus, advisable to stay in PGs where you’ll undoubtedly find lots of fellow pals from Christ College.


Courses Offered (Under Grad):

  • Science:
    1. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
    2. Bachelor of Science (BSc.)-Computer Science, Maths, Statistics, Electronics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology, Physics
  • Arts:
    1. Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology, Economics
    2. Bachelor of Arts (Comm & Media, English, Psychology, Economics, Politics, Sociology, History, Journalism, Performing Arts, Philosophy)
  • Commerce:
    1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), BBA (Finance & Accountancy)
    2. Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
    3. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com), B.Com (Finance & Accountancy), B.Com  (Hons), B.Com (Professional), B.Com (Travel & Tourism Management)



BCA: Rs. 63,000/-*
B.Sc.(except Comp Sci & Bio Tech): Rs. 7,500/-
B.Sc (Comp Sci & Bio Tech): Rs. 48,500/-
BA: Rs. 10,000-30,000/-*
BBA: Rs. 1.4 Lakh
BBM: Rs. 95,000/-*
B.Com: Rs. 29,000/-*
B.Com (Professional, Hons, F&M,TTM): Rs. 40,000-65,000/-*

*Additional Rs. 10,000/- for Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu & Goa. Additional Rs. 30,000/- (appx) for Other States.



Some teachers may be nice & some may be terrible but all students maintain one opinion, “They are STRICT as hell.” There’s no freedom given to the students and they are said to be tortured (read made to study) day after day. Teachers are knowledgeable, experienced and good at communication but if get into their bad books expect to get harassed every time you even THINK of mischief.


Attendance & Discipline:

The safe level is above 90% where you’ll have no troubles whatsoever neither from the teachers nor the college authorities. 85% is the least that you can afford to go, quite literally, as below that heavy fines are levied. You need to cough Rs. 1000/- per subject if your attendance is between 75% and 85% and Rs. 3000/- per subject if it’s below 75%. Even the teachers are expected to maintain the same attendance record, which perhaps explains their sadistic behaviour.

Apart from the fines, marks may be deducted and additional assignments may have to be solved. Besides the strict attendance, students at Christ University are over burdened with disciplinary rules and time restrictions. Students claim that guards are worse than the faculty, they don’t let them into the campus even if there’s delay of just 5 minutes, however genuine the reason may be.



The crowd at Christ University is what every student at every other college in Bangalore wishes for. Energetic, colourful and lively people are found dawdling all around the campus. You’ll find all sorts of people here; freaks, geeks, rich, affluent, wannabes, cool guys, hot chicks, beautiful girls and of course the ‘saadhaaran’ people which are not difficult to find even at someplace else. And after going through days of disciplinary torture, everyone knows each other’s state and is easy to get along with. There’s some Roman Catholic quota they say, which pulls in a lot of Catholics from Kerala.



There’s a cafeteria, a freshateria (for juices), a food court, a gourmet hall and one or two kiosks. All of them serve good quality, hygienic and tasty food at reasonable rates. Cakes, samosas, egg puff, donuts and chai are a must try.



It’s Koramangala guys! Innumerable eateries, fancy restaurants, expensive restaurants, cheap restaurants, coffee day outlets, chocolate shops, bakeries, juice stalls, ice cream parlours, malls with multiple screen theatres, everything can be found really close to the college. There’s Forum Mall with its food court, Man U Cafe, Little Italy, The Chocolate Room, Jyothi Nivas (GIRLS) College and the list goes on.

And if you don’t want to step of the campus gates, there’s enough to keep you occupied.



“Blossoms” is the intra college festival that happens every year in January. Various cultural events are held and the winners of each of the events qualify for the inter-college festival “In Bloom” which happens sometime in February. At this time of the year the atmosphere is fantastic and Christ University becomes the place to be! Other than these big festivals, many more small ones are organized by each of the departments separately.



Fabulous placement records for professional courses in the commerce department. However, more than 90% of students opt out of placements as they either go for higher studies or get into their “Pappa ka Business”. Students from other courses don’t really much choice; they HAVE to go for higher studies or “Pappa ka Business.” Or else run around Bangalore hunting for jobs.



Christ University,
Hosur Road, Bengaluru – 560029
Phone Numbers:  080-40129100/9600



Strict faculty & extreme discipline make life difficult here. But the crowd and campus life are big positives. Plus, the students believe that though they are made to go through a rigorous environment at college, it is actually for their benefit as it would make them fit to face the outside world. And with few other good colleges to compete, Christ University undoubtedly becomes the first preference for arts, science and commerce aspirants.

Source: StupidSid