Karnataka Government Introduces Ragi Malt in Government Schools, Boosting Nutrition and Enrolment

Bengaluru, February 22, 2024: In a significant step towards enhancing student nutrition and encouraging enrolment in government schools, the Karnataka government today announced the introduction of ragi malt three days a week for all students. The initiative, implemented under the Ksheera Bhagya Scheme, will begin on February 22nd, 2024.

Key Highlights:

  • Ragi malt, a nutritious beverage made from finger millet, will be provided to students on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
  • Milk, which was already served five days a week under the Ksheera Bhagya Scheme, will now be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • This initiative aims to address micronutrient deficiencies among students, improve their overall health and well-being, and incentivize enrolment in government schools.
  • Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will officially launch the program on February 22nd.


  • Education Minister Madhu Bangarappa: “We are committed to providing holistic education to our students, and this includes ensuring their nutritional needs are met. Ragi malt is a rich source of iron, calcium, and other essential nutrients, and we believe it will significantly contribute to the well-being of our students.”
  • Chief Minister Siddaramaiah: “This initiative is not just about nutrition; it’s about attracting more students to our government schools. By providing nutritious meals and a strong learning environment, we are creating a compelling choice for parents and children.”

Other highlights:

  • The government has partnered with local producers to ensure the quality and availability of ragi malt.
  • The program will be implemented across all government schools in the state.
  • The government estimates that the initiative will benefit over 5 million students.

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