Top International Schools a Major Attraction for Expats Moving to Bangalore

Photo by Roman Mager on Unsplash

Bangalore is one of the top choices for expats wishing to live in India. Dubbed ‘India’s most liveable city’ by ECA International, and ‘the world’s most dynamic city’ by real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle’s yearly City Momentum Index, it is considered a progressive, peaceful, prosperous city with a wide array of cultural, social and economic offerings. Bangalore is also an ideal choice for students, since it boasts top level international schools and universities famed for particular courses in the areas of technology, law, languages, health and more.

What Makes Bangalore an Excellent Choice for Expat Children

Expats find that their children have no trouble settling into local international schools, from preschool to CBSE, IGCSE and IB levels. Upon graduation, students with an IB can study anywhere in the world, but staying in India is another interesting option, since Bangalore is credited with over 125 research and development centres in spheres such as IT, aerospace, engineering, etc. Its reputation as a health tourism centre also continues to grow, with discerning patients from all over the world appreciative of the caring, safe environment at top international hospitals. There are currently 24 public, 12 deemed, and six private universities, and 207 engineer, 61 medical, and 48 dental colleges, in addition to a host of institutions offering studies in management.

What do Children Need to Get Into an International School?

Many international schools require students to take an entrance test; this is the case even with primary schools. With demand for an international education at its peak, schools are keen to boost their official results by attracting the very best students. Thus, in addition to checking English levels, students will also be expected to show they have a required level in Maths, Logical Reasoning, Sciences etc. A good idea for those about to take exams is to complete practice tests and play games honing memory skills. Websites such as Kahn Academy provide excellent video explanations of common problems in all core subjects (the maths section of the site is particularly useful because of its international nature), though students can also work on their memory per se, since much of the testing is aimed at reviewing general knowledge, much of which may have been acquired years before.

Some schools are more academically oriented than others, so a passing score in one school might not be sufficient in a more competitive one. The IB in particular is a demanding qualification that only the most committed students excel at, so schools try to look for students who are capable of excelling at these exams.

All the preparation is definitely worth it, though; international schools in Bangalore not only have beautiful installations, but also dedicated teachers who are accustomed to preparing children for the academic life at university.

Around 7% of all expats in India live in Bangalore, a safe, vibrant city with a reputation for offering a top level education. Getting into the international school of choice often requires testing, since schools are seeking to attract disciplined students who will help them obtain impressive results. Students sitting for entrance exams should brush up on recently learned subjects and also be ready to display a true interest in learning, in line with the very best schools’ fundamental values.

Jackie Edwards