Travelling And Volunteering For Good Causes As A Way Of Securing A Spot At Your Dream University

Being the third most populous city in India, Bangalore universities enroll over 300,000 students annually. Getting into one of these decorated universities, the likes of National Law School of India, India Institute of Management, India Institute of Science, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences and Bangalore Military School, can be extremely competitive.

Whether the dream is to study in UK, US, Europe or in Bangalore, the list of things university admission boards look for, has vastly expanded over the years. Excellent SAT scores are no longer enough. Strong personality traits and indulgence in extracurricular activities are highly sought after. Travel experience is becoming a popular item on admissions’ checklists, too. Travelling abroad for  studies or a good cause, maybe work or attachment, automatically places you at the top of the list.

Volunteering as a Student

An extracurricular activity is said to be the participation of something other than what is taught in class. Taking part in a project for a good cause, especially outside the country, shapes one in ways no education can. It gives you real life experience, it expands your perspective of thinking, it builds your character and enhances your sense of exploration. The process harnesses your leadership, decision making and teamwork skills all at the same time.  

They say don’t talk about it, be about it. Participating in a good cause, say building houses for the homeless, makes you a part of the change, making  the world a better place, one home at a time. Volunteering for a good cause is an extracurricular activity that brings out all the  virtues in a student. It basically involves helping others without the expectation of payment.

However inasmuch as there is no pay expected out of volunteering for a good cause, it is usually a win-win kind of activity. Helping people out there who are in need, impacting people’s lives positively makes,  you feel good about yourself. For instance, people in some of the biggest refugee camps in Africa have to deal with extremely harsh conditions: hunger, thirst, cold nights and  bedless tents to highlight a few. As a student, volunteering to help such needy people gives them hope and motivation in life.

Importance of  Volunteering

Volunteering for a good cause as a student will in the long run reward you in one way or another. It equips you with numerous life skills that tertiary institutions look for in a person before admission. Such institutions will want to see what value you will add to them if given a chance.  Including your voluntary activities in your CV or applications may surprisingly get you a spot in your university of choice. Other opportunities like  getting internships and even jobs could also knock on your door. International organisations like WHO, UN, USAID, all of which pay handsomely, are constantly looking for humanitarian volunteers. If by any chance you happen to be in an institution that offers service learning programs , your voluntary activities to the community and the needy gets you academic credit.

Apart from the many skills you learn during volunteering, the many different people you interact with and the many places you get to visit, the impact you make in people’s lives is the most gratifying bit. On top of it all, it makes your chances of getting into your dream university all the more plausible. Travelling and volunteering for a good cause truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

 Jackie Edwards