Utthaan 2016 by Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM)

The Social Responsibility Committee of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Bengaluru organized

Origami Lessons for Kids
Origami Lessons for Kids

Utthaan 2016 – Little feet…Big Strides today centred on the theme ‘Blue Paradise’. It intended to showcase the beauty and serenity of the underwater world to the underprivileged children from various NGOs of Bengaluru.

The day-long event was attended by 117 children, from 7 NGOs namely:

  • Belaku Shishu Nivasa
  • Anatha Shishu Nivasa
  • Gasper Orphanage
  • Makkala Jeevodaya
  • Sadashreya Charitable Trust
  • Premanjali Foundation
  • Prasanna Jyothi

The aim of the event is not only to showcase the hidden talents of these children, but also to inculcate a sense of compassion in managers to be.

Ms.Rama N.S.(CEO of ELCIA) with Dr Rajesh Panda (Dir. SIBM)
Ms.Rama N.S.(CEO of ELCIA) with Dr Rajesh Panda (Dir. SIBM)

The event was graced by the august presence of Ms. Rama N. S. – CEO of Electronic City Industries Association (ELCIA), Ms. Aruna C Newton – Chairperson of ELCIA Trust and Ms. Shalini – Member (ELCIA).

Ms. Rama N. S., in her inaugural address, said “Writing a cheque is very easy, but devoting time and effort is very difficult. It’s a brilliant initiative by the students of SIBM Bengaluru to take a day out and make a difference in the lives of these young children.”

The day commenced with an impressive dance performance by the students of SIBM Bengaluru following which the children from each NGO showcased their hidden talents. The children from Sadyashreya Charitable Trust performed a heart-warming rendition of ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’, which received a standing ovation from the audience.

The event featured endless activities like Art and Crafts, Treasure Hunt, Hit the Ball, Traffic Management etc. that

NGO kids
NGO kids

were intended to help children learn and have fun at the same time. Utthaan 2016 ended at 6:00 PM, with the distribution of goodie bags among these children which lit up their eyes and brought smiles to our faces.

Pooja Rawat, coordinator of the Social Responsibility Committee of SIBM Bengaluru said, “Utthaan 2016 has been an amazing journey for all of us. I am sure it must have been a memorable day for these children too. It was a chance for us to be a kid again and relive our childhood. This event will always remain close to my heart. ”

About SIBM Bengaluru:

Belaku Shishu Nivasa (NGO) Kids
Belaku Shishu Nivasa (NGO) Kids

Ever since its inception in 1978, SYMBIOSIS has been synonymous with progress. The trend of progress has been continued by setting up of SIU’s first campus outside Maharashtra at Bengaluru in 2008. SIBM Bengaluru is now one of the leading B-Schools of the country. The focus, now, is on matching global standards of management education. SIBM Bengaluru instills a work culture which is unparalleled among various institutions and provides a holistic approach to management which goes a long way in creating a dynamic identity. Vibrant student associations and committees complement the program with a number of activities involving institute-industry interaction.

SIBM Bengaluru was ranked #31 in India and #1 in Bengaluru according to a survey by Outlook India 2015.

Date: 31 Aug, 2016