Bangalore University exam office firm on marks card tender

Despite Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, the new vice-chancellor of Bangalore University (BU) and the Higher Education Minister GT Devegowda saying there would be a change in the way tenders are called for in the state-run universities, the registrar of evaluation of BU remains adamant. The examination office refuses to cancel the recently called tender for 10 lakh marks cardsand degree certificates.
The examination department has more than 9 lakh marks cards from Mysore Sales International Ltd (MSIL) that it has left unused saying that it is the previous syndicate’s decision. Despite that, the university recently floated a tender for another 10 lakh marks cards.

Officials in the university say the syndicate decision on not using MSIL was taken at a time when a permanent V-C hadn’t been appointed. An official said, “Before a permanent V-C was appointed, a lot of files got approved and errant decisions were taken. One of the blunders was this decision to not use the marks cards. And now, wasting time and money to call for new tenders is a joke.”

Professor C Shivaraju, registrar of evaluation, BU, told BM, “We cannot cancel the tender now. We still have to issue marks cards for the 2016-17 students. That batch had different marks cards.”

“The syndicate decision has put us on hold that we should not be using MSIL marks cards. MSIL marks cards will be put to use for the 2017-18 batch students. For the current academic year, we need new marks cards,” added Shivaraju. But officials say, the MSIL marks cards can be used for any batch. Officials say the registrar of evaluation is hand-in-glove with the private vendor.

However, Dr. Venugopal KR, V-C of BU, said, “This tender will not be approved. We will solve the previous issues and then see what is the best course of action.”

Source: BangaloreMirror