School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Overseas (EEE), Newcastle University offers Scholarships for India: £3000/year

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Newcastle University invites students from overseas including India for a scholarship award of £3000. The students need to meet the conditions of the offer for a place on one of the courses in the School of EEE and choosing this course as their UCAS first choice.

The continuation of the scholarship in the subsequent years will be conditional on achieving satisfactory performance, i.e. not less than a 60% average in the previous year. The overseas scholarship will be used each year to reduce the University fees which are payable on registration. This scholarship is not available to those applicants applying for the Foundation year or who are fully sponsored by a company or government. This scholarship has been benefitting Indian students year after year. Admission for September 2017 is now open and aspirants can apply to Newcastle courses via UCAS.

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Date: June 20, 2017