Self-financing Engineering Colleges Track S E Asian Nations to Fill Vacant Seats

KOCHI: Hit by dwindling number of students, self-financing engineering colleges in the state have began tracking South East Asian countries like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok on their edu radar to fill vacant seats.

The Self-financing Engineering College Managements Association (engineering-images-3) feel that colleges in the state would be able to capitalise on the Kerala’s super brand status as a global tourist destination to attract students.

There are 165 engineering colleges in Kerala offering a total of 53,000 seats. Last year a total of 18,000 seats remained vacant. Sasikumar said seats are not being filled because supply is disproportionate to demand.

KSFECMA chief patron G P C Nair said that the government should take a proactive role in the case of self-financing engineering colleges.

Source : Indian Express

Date : June 19, 2015